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Geographical Coverage

District Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

Chindwara is a one of the poorer districts of Madhya Pradesh and shares borders with Maharashtra. It is located on the South-West region of ‘Satpura Range of Mountains’. It is spread over an area of 11,815 Sq. Km. This district is bound by the plains of Nagpur District (in Maharashtra State) on the South, Hoshangabad and Narsinghpur Districts on the North, Betul District on the West and Seoni Districts on the East. The district of Chindwara is dived into three main regions:

  • The plains near Nagpur region comprising Sausar tehsil and Pandhurn.
  • The Central region comprising Chindwara, southern Amarwara and northern Sausar regions.
  • The Northern region (a hilly terrain).

Total Population

  • Chhindwara District: 20,90,922 (census 2011)

The People

Chindwara district has a majority 18% tribal population.  They include Korku, Gond, Pardhan, Bharia.

District Sukma, Chhattisgarh

Sukma District begins 5 Kms prior to Tongpal as soon as the JeeramGhat concludes. Even though there are no major mountains in the District the Western side of the District is occupied by smaller hills. These hills join the famous Bailadila hills of Dantewada gradually increasing their sizes.

Most of the Eastern area of the block Chhindgarh is of plain area however the western side of the block exist series of small hills which continue till Sukma. In the other end the Western side of Konta block is occupied by thick forest some streams and hills make this area inaccessible.

Different tribal communities are inhabited in this District for time immortal. There are lots of difference in between the culture and life style of these communities. Gond, Muriya, Dorla and Halba are the main communities of Tribes of the District. Apart from these 4 tribes Mahara is also found in considerable numbers in certain pockets of the District. In Chhindgarh block Gond, Muriya and Halba tribes are found which is almost similar in the Block of Sukma where as in Konta block along with a small number of Gond&Muriya, Dorla community is found in major number which is mainly influenced by the culture of the South.

Paddy is the main crop cultivated by the farmers of the District where as Makka is also produced in certain pockets. A small amount of Kodo-Kutki and Jwar is also produced in the District.

Total Population:

Sukma District:  249841 (census 2011)

Statics of Operational Area 

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