Who we are

Started by a small group of friends in 1991, with a common vision for working in the area of physical and mental disabilities, GASVS has grown to be a respected name in these two fields in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.

GASVS is a not-for-profit and ‘for – purpose’ organization based in sausar block of Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh.  The organization works in the domain of public health specifically in physical disabilities and mental health.  In these two main aspects of health, GASVS attempts to ensure that people not only understand but also have access to information and services.


A society where marginalized, vulnerable people and those with different type of disabilities have equal rights, a supportive environment to grow and fulfil their needs, potentials and dreams


To strengthen community for creating equal opportunities for marginalized, vulnerable communities and persons with disabilities (PwDs) for their participation in the development process


  1. To conserve, protect, promote and develop the culture of the tribal and other backward communities; identify issues confronting them and devise plans for sustainable solutions
  2. To facilitate the holistic development of women, adolescents and children
  3. To work for the eradication of stereotypes and myths in the society regarding disability and mental illness
  4. To ensure the inclusion of PwDs – PlwMI in mainstream of society by influencing and developing systems and processes at policy level and its implementation within these communities rehabilitate CwDs – PwDs – PlwMI through community-based approaches


Act Date Place of Reg. Reg. Number Renewal Validity
M.P. Soc. Reg. Act– 1973 23–03–1991 Bhopal MP – 25307 - Lifetime
NGO DARPAN (NITI Aayog) 2009 New Delhi MP|2009|0005584 - Lifetime
PAN 23–03–1991 Mumbai AAATG5607K - Lifetime
TAN 28–11–2007 Mumbai JBP02288G Lifetime
12A 05–09–2003 Jabalpur 915 Dated 23-09-2021 AAATG5607KE20025 22-09-26
80G 08–09–2010 Jabalpur 1745 Dated 23-09-2021 AAATG5607KF20213 22-09-26
FCRA (Renewal) 26-05-2004 New Delhi 063190014 Dated 01-11-2016
Dept. of Social Justice (disability) 30–03–2013 Bhopal 162 In process -
Department of Women and Child Development 03–07–2013 Chhindwara WCD|2000 - Lifetime
U/s 50 & 51 of RPwD Act – 2016 07–02–2019 Chhindwara 642 Dated 07-02-2022
Registration of entities for undertaking CSR activities 26 – 05 – 2021 Delhi CSR00006802 Lifetime

Guiding Principle

---We Believe in---

A – Responsibility

GASVS shares in the responsibility with the people we serve; their families; peers; friends and other organizations, to always safeguard the health, well-being and personal journey of PwDs – PlwMi towards a better life

B – Trust and Respect

We recognize these as the most important tools to achieve our objectives.  Respect for PwDs – PlwMI and safeguarding their dignity are paramount

C– Improvement

Continuous quality monitoring and improvement is at the center of every activity

D – Doing and creating something very important

AT GASVS, we are passionate about our work and we take our legacy and future very seriously and approach it with honesty and reality

Governing Body

Ms. Chanda Bute

Ms. Hemlata A. Patankar

Anand Deshmukh
Vice – President

Sanjay Deotale

Ms. Bhagvati S. Gohite

Sanjay Thakare

Adv. Ajaykumar Dhawale
Executive Director

Advisory Board




Geographical Coverage

District of Chhindwara – Madhya Pradesh

Chhindwara is one of the poorer districts of Madhya Pradesh.  18% of the population of district is tribal.  It shares borders with Nagpur district of Maharashtra in the south.  Hoshangabad and Narsinghpur districts of M.P. are to the north, Betul district to the west and Seoni district to the east.

Chhindwara district is divided into three main regions:

  1. The plains near Nagpur region comprising Sausar and Pandhurna blocks
  2. The central region comprising of Chhindwara, southern Amarwara and northern Sausar region
  3. The northern region (a hilly terrain)

As per the Census of India – 2011, Chhindwara district had a population of 20,90,922.  The tribal include Korku; Gond; Pardhan and Bharia.


# Area Blocks Total Coverage
Sausar Pandhurna
1 Total Population 1,74,195 1,92,681 3,66,876
2 Targeted Population 94,806 39,261 1,34,067
3 Villages Covered 88 25 113
4 Direct Beneficiaries 1581 439 2020

District of Sukma – Chhattisgarh

Sukma district begins 05 kms prior to Tongpal as soon as the Jeeram Ghat concludes.  There are many tribal communities living in this district with unique cultural lifestyles.  Gond; Muriya; Doria and Halba are the main tribal communities.  Paddy is the main crop cultivated by the farmers of the district.


# Area Sukma Block
1 Total Population 2,49,841
2 Targeted Population 2,49,841
3 Villages Covered 258
4 Direct Beneficiaries 1473